Sonar - Swiss Sonography Group in Arthritis and Rheumatism

What we do

The Swiss Sonography in Arthritis and Rheumatism (SONAR) group was founded in 2008. The group has developed a semi-quantitative score for Rheumatoid Arthritis using modified OMERACT criteria for synovitis and erosions. The score includes B mode and Powerdoppler mode in finger joints, wrists, elbows and knees, an erosion and tenosynovitis score and additional cartilage measurement in selected joints.
Since 2008 we promote musculoskeletal ultrasound (msus) in the management of RA patients to increase the role of msus in RA improving patient outcomes. The Sonar-group offers msus courses to improve practical skills. 2015 we introduced the Sonar-Hip Score für SpA.
The scientific commitee of the Sonar-group works with and supports the SCQM ( 2016 the new Sonar handbook has been published. 2016 the Sonar president Pascal Zufferey wins the Warnery price for its research on MSUS in RA. 2017 advanced US courses with focus on Doppler and Tenosynovitis are planned.

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Sonar organizes since 2008 several courses to improve msus skills, to
learn the Sonar-score for RA-patients and the CoxSonar-score for SpA-patients. More than 130 rheumatologists in hospitals
and in practice attended to the courses from 2008-2016.

courses since 2008:
2008: The Sonar group starts with the first courses in Berne.
2009: Several RA scoring courses took place in Berne and Zürich.
2010: Sonar offers additional cadaver courses to improve anatomy skills and to perform
ultrasound guided injections.
2011: Sonar introduces an additional course concerning msus in SpA. More than 120
rheumatologists absolved the RA-Sonar courses.
2012: The Sonar group organizes 1 course concerning msus in RA (Zollikerberg Hospital)
and 3 courses about the role of msus in SpA (in Zurich, in Lausanne and Bern).
The Sonar-group is newly organized as "Verein Sonar-Gruppe", the founding meeting took
place in Berlin 8th June 2012.
2013: New courses (focus on RA): Inselspital Bern (RA basic course), Zollikerberg Hospital
Zürich (RA basic course), SGR  course, CHUV, Lausanne (RA Refresher Course).
2014: focus on publications and 3 practical courses, course 1: update scoring in RA, Bern, 8th may 2014, course 2: SGUM Refresher, SONAR endorsed course, Interlaken, 3th september 2014, course 3: update scoring in RA, Lausanne, 4th december 2014
2015: SONAR course in Bern 21.05.2015 (special topic: elbow anatomy, pathology in RA and SpA), Basel 19.11.2015 (introduction of the coxsonar-score in SpA)
2016: SONAR Scoring in RA and Sonar-Hip Scoring in SpA, Geneva Airport 26 5 2016. SONAR Scoring in RA an Sonar-Hip Scoring in Spa, Zürich, University Hospital 11/2016
2017: SONAR course with focus on Doppler in Geneva, TUI part 1 and SONAR part 2, Geneva Airport 18 5 2017. SONAR Course with focus on Tenosynovitis and Sonar Hip Score in Spondyloarthritis, Basel 23 11 2017 (details will be published in Summer 2017)

About us

Sonar steering committee and scientific board. click here

8 Sonar Centers of Excellence 2017-2020 in Switzerland that included more than 30 patients in the SCQM database. All 8 centers together included more than 1000 sonar scores in the scqm database since 2008, each center more than 30.
3 Centers in Bern: Inselspital – RIA, OsteoRheuma Bern and Praxis Dr. D. Rösler
2 Centers Zürich: Rheumaklinik USZ and Ultrasound Center Zürich, Dr. M. Andor and Dr. med. Stärkle-Bär
1 Center in Basel: Ultrasound Center Basel
1 Center in Lausanne, CHUV Service de rhumatologie
1 Center in Geneva, HUG Service de rhumatologie
Scientific work - Sonar publications